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Oh hey guys. I’d like to apologize for my oddness of my last two posts and ridiculous picture size. I’m still getting used to the WordPress app on my phone because I was computer-less for a few days.

Sunday was the Blessing of the Horses with a 10-mile ride. The BO and our friend Candance joined Wendy and I which is the biggest group that we’ve been with. We’ve only had one successful ride with more than just us. Both boys were totally well-behaved though so we were really proud. Brantley did have a little incident… aka his annual Spring-time bolt session. Of course normally my reaction would be, “Fine b*tch run!” but I knew the BO’s horse would not react well if I just took off in Brantley-shenanigan fashion, so we fought a bit but I finally slowed ย him up (thanks to some horses in the woods). I think we’re having some cinch issues again. Not sure if I’m cinching up too tightly or what. I do need to replace some straps here and there and looking into a couple other cinch options. We’ll get it figured out!

So here’s my “get the audience involved” question for the week – What memberships are you guys a part of? Especially friends in the eventing world. And is it worth something to look into? Here are my options…

I was hoping to apply for a scholarship that USEA was offering because I want to go to the eventing camp that GMHA is holding in Vermont… But I didn’t join in time. So that just brings me back to what I should join or if I should really even bother. I’m not planning on doing anything sanctioned unless all of a sudden we can click into Beginner Novice gear, but obviously I’m in no rush. I had a friend say I should join the USDF, but not really sold on that either because I’m just starting to dabble in dressage tests because of the eventing thing.

Then there’s AQHA. We trail ride… A lot. And we’re actually going for mileage this year through our local horseman’s association and rumor has it from what I’ve been told, this could count for points with the AQHA. Plus I could legally transfer his paper under my name. He is a Quarter Horse and I feel like that’s the one membership I should definitely go for. Other than that though, I don’t compete in anything that would count towards points so I’m not sure if it’s worth the money.

So my question to my readers, what are the memberships or associations that you’re a part of? Pros? Cons? Worth it?

Thank you in advance – And for possibly saving me money.

A couple of lessons with Niall this week and maybe a trip out for cross-country schooling with the BO. Then adventure day on Sunday with Wendy and I cannotย wait! Scavenger hunt on horseback? I hope she’s ready to carry everything.


12 thoughts on “Memberships?”

  1. I love USEA in general. I have to join it anyway, but I like a lot of their programs and have no problem supporting them with my money. Plus the magazine is cool (and ahem has a recurring column from yours truly). Iโ€™m a USEF โ€œfanโ€ member so that I can access their databases and watch the training videosโ€ฆ itโ€™s cheap so I donโ€™t mind. And lastly I joined our local eventing association because I really love them too, even though I donโ€™t do enough of their shows to accumulate points or anything. I like giving my membership money to organizations that I feel good about supporting.

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    1. Thanks for the input! I’ll have to look into this “fan” membership and I agree with supporting the USEA programs and also local associations. Unfortunately I think there’s only one local group that we fit in because RI is so small and it’s for trail rides and hunter paces. But it’s a super awesome group I rejoin every year and the money goes to help keeping our favorite trails rideable! ๐Ÿ˜


  2. I am a USEF and USEA member. I think I did fan membership this year for USEF though as I don’t plan to compete in any rated HJ shows. No USDF for me and then I’ll join local organizations as needed here and there depending on the benefits and my plans for the year. If you don’t anticipate competing recognized and are looking for ways to save a few bucks I would skip the USEA membership personally. Can’t go wrong buying it though!


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    1. I’ll definitely look into it more. I just don’t want to get to the end of the year and say… why did I join this when I could’ve bought myself a new helmet ๐Ÿ˜‚


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