Lessons & Trail Rides


– Man oh man is he handsome –

Brantley and I have our first Hunter Pace of the season this weekend and like the rest of the… month… it’s supposed to pour. Derp … But I’m super excited! It’ll be nice to get back in the woods with Wendy and Elijah, that’s for sure. Saturday is our warm up in CT… Beautiful 20-mile ride through Tyrone Farm and “cross-town”, whatever that means. ^.^ Of course it’s not supposed to rain on that day! Oh well. It’ll be great.


We were lucky to get a couple of chances to ride with Niall again last week after the Blessing and we are really on a roll. I would love to write about our lessons and tell you things that I learned… But apparently I cannot focus on this post to save my life. All I know is that he’s getting softer in my hands, using his hind end correctly, and even going to straight! Which is huge! Because he definitely likes to fall to the inside… And I definitely let him. Whoops…


Today we went over some cross-rails. Unfortunately I scratched my cornea again but I gave in and rode with my glasses (I don’t know how some of you do it). I definitely did not feel myself. I felt off balance and like I couldn’t focus. I’ve only been wearing glasses since I was… 8. But! I did it and we hopped the cross-rails and I was just going to call it a day until the BO said, “Hey, let’s run through your dressage test!” – So we did… And we rocked it. I’m getting pretty excited about the entries I sent out this week.


I think we’ve got the bug… Next schooling show is on the 20th and I’m super psyched. Hoping we can fit in at least one cross-country school before then but with work… It’s looking like a no but here’s to hoping.


6 thoughts on “Lessons & Trail Rides”

    1. That is definitely the worst. Especially when you start to sweat and they slide down. My nose is broken so they don’t stay on right anyway… that’s why I always avoided riding with them hahaha.


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