The Suspense…

It’s a good day. Just a few years ago today I tacked him up for my first ride. My first real ride… Rope halter and a lead rope. The first time I felt like we were really a team and everything I had worked towards on the ground finally paid off.

Β What a lot of people don’t know is that yes, Brantley has been a part of my life for the last 5 years. But when it comes to paperwork, he’s not mine. It was a “he’s not staying here another night” type of situation and I loaded him on the trailer in the dark. No questions asked. His current registration. An old blanket. And some super expired wormer. No bill of sale. No transfer of ownership. Just a halter and a lead rope with a horse attached… And it’s been haunting me.

Why did I take forever to reach out to her and get it done? I was terrified. That thought floating in my mind that she’d decide… She’d want him back. Well after my post about memberships I decided to join AQHA due to some incentives… may have included a free pocket knife in the deal too. Anyway, the “Transfer Ownership” link caught my eye after joining and I knew it was time.

Lucky me, we’re linked on Facebook and she happened to ask if I wanted her two extra tickets to Jason Aldean… Totally random I know. After some thought I declined but mentioned it to my friend who jumped on the opportunity. So… I messaged her asking if she’d sign the paperwork, got a thumbs up, and sent him to the concert with this one thin, rippable piece of paper and tried not to think about it. Who are we kidding. Longest 2 hours of my life.

730pm – *bing* Text from George… “B is yours.”

She signed. No questions asked. Just scribbled away.

I kept my shit together until the BO and I took off on the trail and I let him go. We stopped on the top of a hill and it finally hit me. He’s finally mine. No more worrying. No more bad dreams. Brantley is mine.


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