*Last week’s post* …Whoops…

You’d think that with all this downtime from work I’d be more on a schedule for blogging but apparently not. It’s not like I’m doing anything extraordinary at night to make up for it like going to the gym. Just vegging in front of the TV like a pro! Maybe eating a jar of queso too…

This past weekend was the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Springfield, MA and I’m happy to report that my really good friend Grasa was not only named Rookie of the Year, but also Reserve Champion for the overall competition atop her mighty steed Xena ♡ They were incredible and I cried like an absolute baby… as well as the rest of the crew we were with.

Wild to mild in 100 days ♡

Pretty damn cool right?

On Sunday, Brantley and I competed at the Groton House Summer Classic. It was considered a schooling show but probable the biggest venue I’ve been to in my life. Lots of stuff going on and they’re Elementary was considered 2’3 but luckily, height is not an issue. It’s just consistency and focus… Which Brantley did not have.

I really have no complaints. He was super quiet and level headed. Just strong and distracted which is totally understandable. He had a great warm-up before dressage and even gave me a couple of flying changes which is our new trick. Second half of our test was pretty good but he was still and a little dead to my leg. Oh well. He had his eyes on the cross-country course already.

The 2 hours before stadium went by really fast seeing as walking the XC took about an hour. It was huge and definitely not just cute little logs. We had a little table type jump and a red house… things we’ve never seen. I said, as long as we get over the first jump we’ll be good (which was an easy log).

We took a couple warm-up jumps and he was ready to go. The course was a little heavy than what we’ve been doing. Especially because all I have are poles at home. We faced planks and two oxers which we’ve never done. I rode a little stronger and shortened my stirrups knowing if he was going over, he’d jump big… Which he did. But after the first refusal, I knew he was tired. He wasn’t locking on to the jumps like he normally does and was VERY distracted to everything outside the arena. But once faced at the jump again he hopped over without a second thought.

After that I was a little worried about XC but he headed to the first log like normal and then his ears were twitching this way and that. I thought I caught him in time to lock on and he bailed on him at the last second… I turned him around and he hopped over it and cantered up the hill but he was still not into it. We came up to the next log and he kept looking around and locked in at the last second luckily and went over. Then the table. I circled around the get straight and pushed him forward, and he bailed. I turned and let him look at it knowing, “Well, I’m already eliminated…” I let him turn around again and he jumped right over it. It seemed the second time around once he knew what he was supposed to do, he didn’t have an issue. After the red house they pulled us up and had us leave the course which sucked because I just wanted to get over the last few jumps… there was no one behind me. Oh well… It was 90% humidity and I only was able to ride maybe 5 times beforehand and it was a hell of an experience. I think we’ll head back for the Fall Classic and really kick some ass.


5 thoughts on “Slacking”

  1. Ooh cool that you got to ride at Groton! Always sounds like a lovely venue. Bummer the course didn’t work out on this day but it happens (Charlie just got E’d this weekend too, tho at least ours was at the end of the course so we got to “finish”), and I’m sure B will be ready to kick ass and take names next time!

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    1. Yeah it was rough being at a schooling show and not being able to do the last 3 or 4 jumps 😦 But I understand. He jumped the super scary ones! We had a clinic with Elisa Wallace this past weekend and are moving up to Advanced El for our next trial this coming weekend and I feel so confident about it.


    1. She is serious a BAMF. Maybe one day B and I will give it a try. I should probably get him to let me change my stirrups while mounted first… or pick stuff up at least 😂


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