Hello Blog-land

This is my third round trying to write this entry. I really have no way to start or idea about what to write about because we haven’t really been doing much. I gave Brantley a week off after the hunter pace which may have not been the best idea but, we both needed it.


We placed third and it was an amazing ride. We clocked in at 27mph at one point and he totally had more to give. We’ve got a dressage lesson scheduled for Tuesday and then hopefully another one of those and a couple of jump lessons before our next trial. Azrael Acres again for another foreplay and then the Groton House Fall Classic for this years finale.


I know there are a few more going into the fall after the Classic but honestly, B has been totally busting his but for me this year and he’s been more than anything I could’ve dreamed of and he deserves a break. Rest of the year will but hunter paces and trail rides and maybe some trick training over the winter (which is something I say I’ll do every year).


I’m ready for some blog hops so that I have more material to write about other. I’m having a bit of writer’s block… I’m actually starting to think of starting a little fictional blog series that pops up on here to keep it a little interesting. If only I could draw to go with it. I’ll have to settle with Clip-Art.



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