Ready to Roll

Brantley and I have been up and running like we never missed a beat. Totally ready to rock this weekend. Last week we had a lesson with a local dressage trainer and it went really well. She really pointed some things out and drove the “inside to outside” concept. Something I pay attention all too much to is where his head and neck are and I let go of where his shoulders are so we end up cutting corners and he’ll happily drop his rib cage when he can. Well… no more of that crap! And actually since we’ve been working on that, he’s been much more softer in the bridle and more polite when I put a leg on. Now to work on our transitions a little more.

Where’s the coop ma?

Of course transitions aren’t very important when you’re galloping about an open field looking for imaginary cross-country jumps. Something happened over the last couple weeks… it’s like I just… woke up and has this new look at life that I matter. So? Why not call up the photographer BFF to meet you out on the trails for a mini gallop session.

Yeeeah buddy!

I think Brantley was liking it a little too much but man could he move. The perfect way to start a week and get back into a routine…

That tail 😍😍😍

But I think my favorite picture of all…

All four off the floor huh?

The post office has been busy sending me stuff… you become a shopaholic when you’re going through a depression while finding something to live for apparently. So I finally bit the bullet and clicked pay with PayPal on the Eponia site… I am not mad about it either.

Boy does he look handsome! We jumped for the first time in about a month yesterday. Why I waited so long, I have no idea. I couldn’t tell if Brantley missed it or not. He galloped cantered around my crap course like it was the last course he’d ever fly through. I think I held more rein than mane to be honest and some of the things coming out of my mouth would not be okay anywhere but the cross-country course. He didn’t shy away from anything, not even my bending line of death which involved a three stride off a cross-rail through a two stride short combination… You’d have to see it.

I’m just happy to see him smiling for pictures again. I’m such a lucky girl… and a little bit crazy too.


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