Horse Show Pre-game

*Disclosure: I used my phone for this entry… Sorry*

So we all know about horse show hangover… but what do you guys do when it comes to the pregame. Do you work weekends like me where you cram everything into the trailer the night before and pray you don’t forget anything? Or do you have a list you check twice… maybe three times… And spend all day prepping. Or are you the one who waits until that morning with the thought, “Nothing can go wrong this time, right?”

If you are the latter… I pray for you.

I’d love to say I’m the one who has a list written out with cute little check mark boxes beside each item… but I’m not. Mental check list? Check! I think my biggest problem is that I’ve been in the mode to be ready for a friend to pick me up that I have a system first thing in the morning. Now that I can trailer myself… I always tend to forget something. Go figure! I’ll be late anyway.

What about riding habits? Do you try to cram in one last practice for that dressage test? Go gallop a cross-country course? Or head out for a leisurely trail ride to clear your mind of pre-competition jitters…

I’m definitely a galloping trail ride to rid my mind of everything kind of pre-gamer as we all know.

Apparently that wasn’t Brantley’s plan today… The itch factor screams bee sting…

Cue panic… Just kidding. This doesn’t ruffle my feathers one bit. He’s not painful or bleeding so we’ll be fine. Just going to miss out on the pre-game gallop… dammit.

Lucky for me, I only have some night feeds tonight (yes I’m still working this weekend) so going out for a hike was definitely the next best thing after a refreshing bath… for both of us.

I’ll head out to grab the trailer when we get back and then do my feedings then pick up pizza and beer for my tack cleaning ritual (that’s what pre-gaming is all about!). Then home to pack my coat bag and make sure my breeches are clean and sparkling white!

Spoiler… they won’t be.


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