Reflections + 2Pointober


My heart hurts… I know everyone’s heart hurts. Just yesterday I was bitching about not wanting to pay $30 for a digital download of our cross-country pictures and then I wake up to… this. I’m asking the same question everyone is asking… why? I’m reading posts about who and what is to blame and know, it won’t be enough. Learning more and more people are gone from this world and most of them scrapping together cash to get tickets and beg people to cover their shifts at work so that they can have that night out with their friends. One girl… it was her 21st birthday.

I don’t have much to say or wonderful words of wisdom. I do know that greatness always come out of tragedy if you let it but it’s harder and harder to see through all the darkness that we’ve been dealt. I just hope that all of your family members and friends are safe as well as yourselves… and your ponies.


I’m still waiting on some pictures to decorate my entry of Groton House. It was pretty much an on and off mess involving arguing with stewards and crying tears of joy with jump judges I’ve never met. All in all I would say that with everything thrown at us over that 48 hour period, we did pretty well and I’m happy to have ended our season the way we did. Just another learning experience!


Now that the season is over for us, ’tis the season for hunter paces, blog hops, and monthly challenges! This month? #2Pointober !!! I headed out this afternoon to grab my baseline (due Wednesday Oct. 4th @ midnight) with Brantley but I really had just galloping on the brain. He although… did not. It took a little coaxing but we had a nice canter going so I started my timer and put my heels down. Not our best time but 1:15 will do. Probably not the best to try to get it done out on the trails but hey, I knew if I didn’t do it today… I’d forget. Typical me!

Head over to Fraidy Cat Eventing or PONY’TUDE for more information!


4 thoughts on “Reflections + 2Pointober”

  1. I’m glad you’re participating in 2ptober this year. If nothing else it’s a great way to participate as a community in an activity that can bring us joy when so much else in the world seems senseless or heartbreaking

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    1. That’s what I was thinking. The blogging community has been a huge part of my success and the feeling like I’m a part of something makes every day a little easier on a personal level as well as making it easier to cope with those not so good things going on in the world. Thank you for that. 😉


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