All of the Ribbons


Now that our schooling horse trial season is over, it’s time to go back to basics and rebuild our bodies. That includes me… I really took a turn for the worse this year (I say as I scoop queso into my mouth with delicious salty tortilla chips… #nojudgementzone). But I’m finally mentally ready to be make those physical changes I worked so hard for last year. I also want to plump up Brantley a little bit (if only I could donate my body fat) before the winter… he’s got an eventer body as of right now and I really want to go into winter with a… fluffy eventer body. Thinking alfalfa cubes at night check to start. Anyone have an input?


I pulled out my bareback pad after 7 years and decided to take it for a spin on B for the first time. I know I should be working on my 2-point (which I added 2 minutes to Friday night) but even just walking and doing some fence-line work I’m quickly building a more solid seat. We’re getting prepped for #NoStirrupNovember!


Last night was the Fall Fest for WGHA and we were surprised to hear we placed 4th in our division! We’re already excited for next year as always. We’ve still got a few left for this season though. Today was our favorite at Tyrone Farm in CT. The Annual Pomfret Hunter Pace! Rumor was rain but we were okay with because last year we were caught in the aftermath of a hurricane and since the boys were totally fine and confident galloping through the woods, so were we. And to top it off, we placed 1st in our division! So we definitely had high hopes for this one especially said rain was nowhere to be found…

Until we started taking up… My ass was soaked as soon as I mounted but away we went with a bay thoroughbred wannabe ready to rock ‘n roll! I don’t think it rained as hard as last year or for as long but I feel like we get more wet the before. We moved pretty steadily along and Brantley offered to jump some of the cross-country jumps but it was really slick and the last thing I wanted to do was put a damper on his confidence. By the end of the ride we were all pretty exhausted. I spent a lot of time up in my 2-point for obvious reasons and between that and the chill, my legs were shaking like I had just done a thousand squats…


The boys were happy to finally get to enjoy the unmowed hay field we had to park in after the ride. We had a great lunch, made a few new friends, and went home 5th out of 30. I can’t believe this is the 4th time I’ve done this ride and I have yet to get sick of it… minus today we came home with two shoes instead of four. I warned my farrier I’ll be calling him Monday… I’ll never forget my first ride and unbridling Brantley in the middle of an open field when I went over the jump and he didn’t. Just the look he gave me as he stood over me and waited for me to get up like, “It’s okay, we’ll get it next time.”




And man, are we gettin’ it 😍


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