Looking at the Pros

Brantley is certainly getting fuzzy which could be a fair warning about the upcoming winter. Why do I say that you might ask? Brantley as well as some of the other horses I have the pleasure of working with never get this fuzzy… especially this early in the winter. Plus it’s been so warm…

Fuzzy Pony

I’ve never clipped a horse before and although I keep considering it, I haven’t pulled the trigger. I have a few friends who have already but with Brantley’s fitness level, it takes a lot for him to get super sweaty anyways. Does anyone have any takes? To clip or not to clip. I think Brantley deserves to be a wooly mammoth for once.

Pony Pajamas

So tonight we were supposed to be a part of a group lesson with NQ. As always, we need about 30 minutes to warm up so I walked him out to the indoor and did a quick hand-walk around the arena while the lights warmed up. Unfortunately the stiffness that I thought he was experiencing didn’t subside. I hopped on when the other girls came in to have them watch him trot around and we agreed he was a bit short in the hindend. Didn’t help he was being a dick since riding in the arena with other horses isn’t his favorite. I waited for NQ to come out and have a look. One giant lame step later we decided that we’d spend the lesson standing/sleeping in the center of the arena for a bit before I tucked him in with his with his BoT pj’s and soaked alfalfa cubes and remenicesed about our rides over the weekend.

Jumping Bean

After our Jersey trip I was dying to get in a jump school since I wasn’t able to ride with Lauren on Monday before we left (I had a tummy ache…). But watching her jump around really gave me the itch. I set up our favorite exercise and only added one giant cross-rail. Apparently I am no longer vertically challenged! B was so ready to go.

Get it B!

He felt so soft and so light to my seat that all I did was look around a bend and he was right there with me. We centered the whole pattern and he didn’t miss a beat. So proud! (Of both of us)

Beeeend… and SNAP!

We had a few other great rides before our hunter pace on Sunday which may have been the reason behind the soreness… some of the roads we galloped down were pretty rocky and it poured so his hooves must’ve been just soft enough. I have a game plan for his feet but that will be another post.

Gorgeous rainy day!

Grasa, Wendy, and I had an amazing ride with the ponies. They were absolutely spectacular and we actually met a single rider out on the trail who ended up joining our group. The boys handled the add-on just fine which shows how far they’ve come this year. One of the association members built and set up all the jumps they had out on the trail and they were beautiful. I was super picky because I brought my western tack (plus didn’t want to soak my Bates again). We did take a look at a canoe stuffed with hay bales and flowers…

#weride #ponyshenanigans

Thinking B would shy away, I walked up to it to at least get him to look at it. Instead of shying, he locked on and was ready to leap… I stopped him. Turned right. Waited until the other girls went ahead and let him go. Almost died but it was worth it and he was so proud of himself. I didn’t want to take the chance of not going over and disappointing the girls so I didn’t warn them so all they heard was a thud and me squeal.


We got back and when we heard the Trailblazer time we thought there was no way we placed. They were waiting for one more group in our division so they said they’d call out first through third. “First place, Team #19” … I proceeded to spit out whatever brownie I was eating and yell, “What?!” So that happened…

Hopefully some poultice and bareback rides will do B some good. We’ll see where he’s at Friday and make a decision for Sunday. I’d hate to miss out but B is more important. β™‘


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