It’s Over

The season that is. Brantley pulled his shit together and was a-okay for our last hunter pace of the season. I told the girls that if I got on and he felt at all off I’d just hang out until they got back but he was rearing to go (almost literally).


G and I had talked about dressing up all last year but W wasn’t sold… until she had this amazing costume idea and boy did we not disappoint!


Here’s a closeup of W and Elijah so you get a better idea…


Obviously G and I waited completely last minute so we had to make our Thing 1 and Thing 2 t-shirts but that was totally worth it. Add red and white thigh high socks, blue bows for the ponies, and bright blue fuzzy mohawks to our helmets? Costume complete.


We had a pretty good ride but the two bays were total trouble. No brains, NO brakes… I lost a stirrup twice (once over a jump and once at a gallop) but my seat prevailed. Brantley total had his jumping game in check though and we popped over most of the scarier jumps… minus the tire dragon I was dying to point him at but apparently tires are still ridiculously scary.


Last year we had come him about 7-10 minutes too fast so we tried to take it slow. Luckily with the amount that Brantley I argued… we came in just in the knick of time to place 2nd. Not only did we place 2nd for the pace, but we also placed 2nd in the costume contest (we lost to a group of super cute little pirates so I’ll take it).


All in all it was a great ride and the pros outweighed the cons 100% (cons being my horse being stuck in 5th gear the whole time). Definitely the perfect way to end the season. I’m so lucky to have these girls to gallop around this year with. I don’t know if I could’ve made it without them by my side that’s for sure. As 2017 wraps up into a thankful month, I’ll remind myself all of the amazing things we’ve done in such a short period of time.



That’ll help me get through the current barn drama that’s for sure… To be continued…


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