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Holiday Countdown


When I pack up after a long week of overnights, I always mumble and grumble asking myself why. Why am I doing this? Why did I pick this? Will I ever sleep in my own bed again… Or hell… Will I ever have my own apartment at this point? But I turned around this time and saw this face sitting next to my pile of bags giving me a look that said, “Okay ma, where are we off to now? I’m ready for another adventure.”

“You are why…” That was all I said and we were off to the barn.

It’s weird that the times I feel the most overwhelmed after the fact. After running around like a maniac without sleep and eating shitty food (or no food) all week? Finally have a little time to myself and that’s when I think too much and my brain is on overload. So what did I do? I got a part-time job. Why? Because I’m a glutton for punishment and don’t know how to stop.


Things got a little unsettled on Saturday with an unexpected schedule change and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Chevy knew exactly what was happening when I grabbed his remote collar and we hopped in the truck. No questions asked, no hesitation, I tacked up and we headed out. First snow fall made everything even better. It was exactly what I needed in every way. Exactly what we all needed.


Just me and my boys ❤

4 thoughts on “Holiday Countdown”

  1. Stress overload never hits me until after I’ve finished whatever I needed to do. I need at least a day or two to recover from traveling, especially if said traveling meant hanging out with a lot of people.

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