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Catching Zzzz in Negative Temps


First off, I wanted to put a shout out to my Blogger Secret Santa Emilie from Because Pony. I’m always amazed how talented this group of bloggers are. Thank you so much for this! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Right now she is having a sale to support some vet bills for her pup so if you have a minute go take a look. She completely captured Brantley through and through down to the split ear. Thank you again.

Back to today. Fuck it’s cold. Flooding in Massachusetts. Blizzard in RI. The radar looked more like a hurricane to me that’s for sure. Windchills are said to be -20 degrees but who really knows. But I have today completely off (with only a quick trip to clean my stall and feed the horses) and I’m taking full advantage. The Holiday-craze was much more than I expected and honestly, I’m surprised I came out pretty unscathed other than incredible lack of sleep… And hygiene. I know, TMI.


All animals were cared for at the best of my ability, driveways were shoveled, and mail was collected. Everyone came home throughout this past week and the last arrival was yesterday all followed with rave reviews which made me feel better about the workload. As I always say, knowing that people can spend time with their families and get away from the every day hustle and bustle with my help makes it all worth it.

In return though, ride time was definitely lacking and then of course everything is frozen now but a small heat wave is on it’s way. Just in time to get back to work! B is definitely in need. He wouldn’t come in for the BO yesterday so I let him sit for a couple hours and then I showed up and he screamed and galloped over to me. Always make you feel good when your horse would rather sit in the cold and wait for you than go in with the other horses.

Hope everyone else is staying warm and busy out there! Spring is right around the corner and farms are already posting their event dates and I cannot wait to get back out there again.


6 thoughts on “Catching Zzzz in Negative Temps”

  1. The cold is a good time to catch up. Good for you for looking ahead at the calendar already! I need to do that. I have signed up for a clinic already though and I am excited!

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  2. Despite how cold it is, I will say that I always have a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment after I do chores in horribly cold weather! Like, I’m totally justified in sitting around in PJs the rest of the day because by-golly, I worked hard in that cold weather.

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    1. I’m 100% with you on that. Like today… I will go back to the barn and ride… but I’m snuggled on the couch with a book in my sweatpants currently and enjoying every minute of it.


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