Goodbye January

“A best friend is the only one that walks into your life when the world has walked out.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

The last couple weeks were full of late night rides alone and with friends… Okay…


Just one friend – Amanda and Red!


Luckily we got in enough rides for me not to feel bad about lack of ride time this week. I truly can’t believe January is just about over, but I’m glad because with the full days of dog walking, and an overabundance of overnights, topped off with inventory hours at the store… I’m tired. But how is that different from any other time of the year? I’m always expecting things to “slow down” but I guess that means that my business is successful right?


Things will have to slow down a little bit on the weekends because the schedules for upcoming horse trials are being posted. But $$$ = horse trailer! It’s getting closer and closer every day and I cannot wait. My truck can though.


The week started off with a bit of a hiccup and a super nice (and handsome) AAA guy. Luckily Kitt was back on the road by Monday evening so I only missed a few jobs but the break was kind of nice. I took advantage of the lack of ride time to pull B’s shoes and give him a little bit of a break to recoup. The farrier was pretty convinced he’d be crippled after the the ground froze again but he’s handling it beautifully.


More on that later when I post an update! And some information on the boots I did research on if I can get back to blogging regularly! Things seem to be falling into place as time goes on and my head is definitely stitched on a little straighter. As always I’m thankful for those who help it stay there. You never realize how important a support system is until you have one.


You need to surround yourself more with people who may not share your workaholic crazy schedule ways, but with people who understand that even though physically you’re not always there, you’re still there. People who will reach out even though they know things are insane but it’s nice to say, “Hey. I know there’s a slim chance, but do you want to…” Because sometimes it’s an absolute yes. People who get your life choices and the priorities you keep. People who understand how to handle your anxieties and help you stay strong. Just people… Never knew how important they were until I had them.

14 thoughts on “Goodbye January”

    1. Me too! So far so good. He’s staying pretty sound with maybe a little soreness when the ground froze. I did buy boots for riding and if I can get away with using them all year I will! We’ll have to see ☺


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