All Work, No Play

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – R. Caras

We used to adventure on a consistent basis but for some reason I’ve lost that. Same walks. Same neighborhoods… Over and over again. So on Saturday we went to the beach. I forget how lucky we are that we have just about everything in this tiny state within a 20-30 minute radius. It was cold but it was worth it.


Ups and downs in our riding consistency but he’s handling it well so I’ll take advantage of the jump in maturity and let him horse as much as he can while things are busy. Classic selfie games… He’s just so good at it. Chevy on the other hand, is not. See example picture below… Brat.


We’re still on the barefoot path and I’m so impressed with how he’s handling the frozen ground. I’ve left him barefoot for turnout as well as light impact groundwork and frolicking in the indoor but boot him up with our Equine Jogging ShoesΒ for rides. He’s still a little weird about the hind boots but once he gets going he feels great and doesn’t put a foot wrong. Still putting a review together for them but so far I am pretty happy with them.


A little breakage on the toe of right front (right is on left, left is on right… apparently I don’t know how to make a diagram) and left hind. Much less than I was preparing for. He trots out pretty loosely but you can tell he’s a bit tender all around, careful where he wants to put his feet. Time will tell.


Snuck in a ride with Lauren the other night and it felt amazing. After a quick run around and a little rub down from the mounting block, I hopped on. Quiet, easy ride with some lateral work off the quarter line to the rail, I called it quits. I couldn’t ask for anymore.

Not yet.


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