What is this? A Blog Post?


Why do I keep letting it go this long? Instagram to the rescue if you’ve been following along. We’ve been kicking butt in the arena minus some saddle fit issues and last weekend was our first schooling trial.


And this guy was totally ready to kick some ass.

I was mostly worried about dressage but he proved me wrong and we left with a “lovely horse” comment along side “inside leg to outside rein” comments of course. It was our first time riding the test start to finish and I was more focused on having a long and low, steady ride vs making it perfect. We’re fit, but not that fit to really hold everything together 100%. Why rush? It’s only the beginning.

PC: Orchard Hill

He made all of his jumps in stadium but he was overly headstrong and we missed our short combination… surprise surprise. We really need to work on this… As always he was ready to call it a day and go back to the trailer until he spotted the Start Box.

Game Face Activated…

Unfortunately C’s times were intertwined with mine so we lacked media but I’ve never felt B so ready to eat up the course. We took it easy for our first time out but he hit every jump and bank with ease, ready for more.


I honestly couldn’t have been happier with how the day went and although I hadn’t expected to come home with a ribbon, we did. Although I don’t know how many riders were in our division, it didn’t really matter.


We’re now about a week away from our next one and it’s at our favorite venue. Probably the only stadium course we’ve ever cleared and I feel pretty ready. Focusing more on flatwork over ground poles this week and hopefully some gridwork in the next couple of days… We’ll see where this weekend takes us.


Hope everyone else out there is getting some ride time in and kicking butt in life. I’ll do my best to get this show back on the road. I miss writing and keeping up with everyone. I also miss the floor of my bedroom and being able to fit dogs in the backseat of my truck… But obviously, blog comes first.


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