It's been incredible being able to pull on my trainer pants the last few weeks with Amigo... It's reminded me of where I started with B and that first feeling of, "I trust you." Never take that feeling for granted because there is nothing else like it. Although being a little snippy with the other geldings, I… Continue reading #horselife


No Comments

So I just wanted to say that I have been catching up on everyone's posts but for some reason, whether you're WordPress or Blogger, my phone isn't letting me comment on anything! But at least if you're on WordPress, I can click the little "like" star button! Brantley is taking to "winter retirement" quite well.… Continue reading No Comments

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Absolute Craziness

Well then... This has been a bit of a hiatus full of craziness. Number one reason for not posting was the lack of computer and WiFi passwords at all of the houses that I've been staying at... Number two reason is well... J... It's hard to stare at a computer screen (that was non-existent anyway)… Continue reading Absolute Craziness