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Absolute Craziness


Well then… This has been a bit of a hiatus full of craziness. Number one reason for not posting was the lack of computer and WiFi passwords at all of the houses that I’ve been staying at… Number two reason is well… J…

It’s hard to stare at a computer screen (that was non-existent anyway) when you find a person who makes breathing just that much easier every single day. It’s been a little over a year now where I found myself sitting out watching the waves crash just waiting to take me away… But here I am, a year later. In a situation I never in a million years thought I would ever be.


Honestly I really think that Brantley loves J more than he loves me.

Sheer craziness, I know.

Would you just look at that?
Okay okay… He loves me the most.

We’ve been competing like crazy this year, it’s insane. Go big or go home right? We competed at the Groton House Summer Classic in Advanced Elementary and only had one refusal in Stadium which was a record for us. Then we went and dominated our goals for the Area I Schooling Championships in that division so I made the decision to move up for the end of the year and give Beginner Novice a try and this is what we ended up with.


But then we hit the Fall Classic and got this…

I love this horse.

So because we’ve been so busy wearing pinnies and refusing jumps, we haven’t been to a single hunter pace this year until yesterday. The dream team hit the trails for the first time and we came home with that blue ribbon we all strive for. It was absolutely incredible to be back with W. and Brantley was sure happy to see Elijah step up into the trailer with him. So happy that he jumped everything I put him in front of, even if it meant saving my ass from hitting shit in front of the photographer… Anyway, thanks for reading whoever you are. I’ll do my best to get back and maybe you can hop on a journey of winter riding and wedding planning!

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