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So I just wanted to say that I have been catching up on everyone’s posts but for some reason, whether you’re WordPress or Blogger, my phone isn’t letting me comment on anything! But at least if you’re on WordPress, I can click the little “like” star button!

Brantley is taking to “winter retirement” quite well. I think we bopped around at the trot for 10-15 minutes yesterday and he was completely satisfied with that. Hopefully we’ll be able to hit the trails again this weekend with either W or G who is coming up for a quick visit. Maybe I should start looking into a 3-horse? 😂🤣

Amigo, who may get a new name if I have anything to do with it, has been my little project the last few weeks. Unknown 5 year old auction horse who shipped in over the winter with his bridle path trimmed and shoes… but apparently quickly developed an intense bucking problem… like professional bronc level.

Long story short, after becoming aggressive with one volunteer who tried working with him and another who concluded that he would never be trusted to be safe to adopt out… his chances were a bit slim. So I of course said, “Can I try?”

So I put together a game plan and gave it a go. Normally in this situation I wouldn’t rush through but I knew I had to make a big change in him in a short period of time… so we worked and we worked hard.

And in just a few weeks I have a horse that may not be super soft just yet and still a bit questionable when first saddled… he trusts me enough to point him in the right direction.

Problem is… now the rescue is trying to get me to adopt him as my own. And I’m not shying away from the idea either.

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