Uh oh, I’m in trouble.

It’s been incredible being able to pull on my trainer pants the last few weeks with Amigo… It’s reminded me of where I started with B and that first feeling of, “I trust you.” Never take that feeling for granted because there is nothing else like it.


Although being a little snippy with the other geldings, I think Brantley is enjoying his “time off” and is getting fuzzy real quick. We still have a lots of trail riding to do and a couple hunter paces left, but it’s nice to finally be able to let him have time off from the crazy hustle and bustle of show season. Sure there are a few more schooling trials in the area coming up but this guy busted his butt for me the last few months, he deserves a break (and so does my wallet).


From this…


To this…


Not a bad trade off I’d say. More time for #ponyshenanigans and gallavanting through the woods covered in orange, trying not to get shot. We also have plans to learn some new skills like ponying and COWS! I cannot wait to get B nose to nose with some cattle this winter. I’m sure it’ll be something to watch so I’ll make sure to get someone there with a camera and I’ll throw on the GoPro. I will most definitely be wearing a helmet… and maybe my eventing gear… Armband included.


Amigo and I have been getting in a lot of saddle time. I may have ordered him his own rope halter. Red seems like a good match for this rockstar. A new name may be in order too. They’re really trying to move some of these horses and although they’ve dubbed me their “trainer”, I’ve really been putting all of my focus into this guy. The others really just need miles at this point minus the babies so I know they don’t mind.


Now that we can move under saddle without exploding, our prep/round pen time has shortened to w/t/c in both directions and then it’s time to swing a leg over. There is a lot more ground work I really want to bring to the table for him, especially when it comes to personal space and being soft in hand, but I only had so much time to show them, “He can be fixed.” Now we’re working on leads and following my seat. Breaks without hands? Pretty cool huh?


Hoping to get him off property in the next week but of course now that I have a trailer, I don’t have a truck to use all willy-nilly like I did before. DERP! Oh well, I can’t complain, just have to schedule better.


Work is a bit quiet right now but it’s kind of nice (although lack of income) to be able to be home and spend time with J. I’m hoping for a busy holiday season like last year but at the same time, having someone like him has really taught that taking time to relax and enjoy life a little bit isn’t such a bad thing and doesn’t make me lazy. Because we live closer to my work area, I’ve been able to start making breakfast at home and stocking the fridge with good snacks and lunch foods. Maybe I’ll be able to shed a few sizes before L comes up in a couple of weeks. I think there’s wedding dress shopping on the agenda!


Who ever thought I would ever find someone like this. He’s supportive and understanding in everything that I do. I think he’s really getting sucked into the #horselife too. Nothing like hearing someone say that they’re starting to really understand why we spend the time with horses like we do and why we love them so much right? He could ask me to marry him a million more times and I would say yes over and over without a second thought…

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