Holiday Craze

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” – Paul Theroux

I’d like to think that this is true but as most equestrians right now, seasonal depression is a thing. Put that on top of just regular depression and I battle pressing the call button after dialing a number for a recommended therapist… I’ll get there.

First it was raining, then we had no arena lights (life without an indoor), then it was freezing, then we had lights but it was raining again. Now we’ve entered the holiday season and there’s just enough time to do nothing. Brantley looks like he’s gone feral but he deserves it. He worked so hard this summer, he deserves a few months to do nothing.

He’s really taken to Amigo though, that’s for sure. This is a horse who hates other geldings minus a certain chestnut who lives down in New Jersey that he maybe sees once a year…

You have to admit, they’re pretty adorable. Took some major advantage and worked on our ponying skills while we had a little flash of good weather, and I had enough time to actually do something with them both.

Wedding planning is pretty much done, we just have to pay for stuff… And find some tables and chairs. We have a date, a place, a pizza food truck (yes, that’s happening), a photographer, a DJ, cupcakes… And I bought a dress. I never thought I would be so excited about something like this. I was always excited for friends and loved to try and be involved but always so busy with work that I couldn’t really be there like I wanted to. Now I’m here trying to plan and put together stuff by myself with J going, “Hey… we’re in this together.”

I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy to learn how to not do everything for myself all the time. I’m just learning that asking for help is okay which is really eye-opening. How have I done all of the things I’ve done, alone? It’s the same looking back when it was just Lucky and I and that horse-friend support system was non-existent. Then Brantley came along and brought so many amazing people into my life and I just couldn’t believe how alone I actually was.

Crazy how life works like that right?

Used with Permission – Joan Davis / Flatlandfotos.com
2018 Groton House Farm Summer Classic
Then and Now
Seven years and counting ❤

12 thoughts on “Holiday Craze”

  1. ❤ It is hard to not do everything for yourself. It is something we have to learn and get used to. But it is good for us. As individuals and for the relationships. ❤ You don't have to do it all. Allowing someone to help is growth ❤

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