Almost There…

Photo Credit: Polar Square Designs / K. Taylor

Finding ourselves at the end of February and life just keeps going whether I am ready or not. The horses (yes that is plural) have been moved into a new barn a bit farther away and the wedding countdown is on. Brantley is still on the mend. Vet came out about a week and a half ago to find out that although the fracture can no longer be seen on the radiographs, B is still sensitive and the injury is considered still active. 5 more weeks to go, just in time for Spring shots!

Although his topline is lacking, he’s still looking pretty good and keeping as quiet as he can be. Lots of grooming, lots of love, and lots of snacks, that’s all that we can do right now. My little cousins who I haven’t seen in years came to visit the other day and loved up on the boys like crazy. I knew Brantley would be perfect and eat up all of the attention like a pro, but I was a little worried about Dylan (yes, we picked a new name). Boy did he prove me wrong.

Of course Brantley was perfect as well.

Of course the little one found my Twinkle Toes from our Hunter Pace with Wendy and Elijah last year. You bet your bottom both of those boys ended up with perfectly painted blue glitter tootsies.

Alright, there’s my quick influx of engagement shots by the super talented Kate Taylor from Polar Square Designs. I always said she would be my photographer if I got married and although she’ll be busy handing me a paper bag to breathe in while wearing a bridesmaid dress, she still offered to do this for us and I couldn’t be happier. She’s so incredibly talented and I couldn’t speak highly enough of her as an artist, a photographer, and a friend.

I’m getting a little bit of ride time in on other horses. Getting my exercise rider legs back for the Spring. Hopefully I’ll be able to book more as time goes on but I definitely miss that split ear view. I can’t wait to get our #RoadtoRecovery under way, no matter how long it takes.

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