New Barn. Who Dis?

I think this is our third barn since January… I think. At this point I’m not really sure but it’s a good excuse why the blog has been so quiet especially coming out of the busy season which lasted way longer than I wanted it to that’s for sure.

Luckily I had most of the wedding stuff set before Thanksgiving but now we’re down to the wire and have yet to finalize a guest list. How did ya’ll get this done? I have technically 3 families and JB has one… but you know those family friend requests 🙄 … We have a limit… and a small bank account.

Of course put down the fact that our lease is up 7 days before the big day… (yes… SEVEN DAYS, who planned that sh!t… *points to self*)… we had to figure out if we were going to sign for another year or not. For 💩’s and giggles, we checked to see if we could get approved for a mortgage and wouldn’t you know, we started house shopping two days later.

Too much at once? Maybe. But when you live the life we have, every day counts for something so go big or go home. Now we’re in the home stretch for the wedding and I still haven’t made my dress fitting appointment (not for lack of trying I promise) and we’ve got a house inspection to get through. Crossing all of the fingers and toes it goes well and June will be the “get your 💩 together” month. We’ve got this, I have no doubt.

I’m really excited about this new boarding situation especially that I will be putting in some hours cleaning stalls and turning out to help cut the costs. I’ve never done full board in my life and going there this morning with just enough time to snuggle instead of shoveling was amazing. I thought I would be more worried but, I’m not.

I dropped them off yesterday afternoon and they’re already settled in like they’ve been there forever. One thing about constantly moving around, B travels well and Dylan is following suit. We’ve been roughing it at a local barn for the last month so that I could get both the boys started back under saddle confidently and safely and we are well on our way to having a great summer.

Lack of pictures of course with this quick update will prove for a boring post but if it helps get me back on track I will take my chances ♡ So many adventures coming up so fast and I cannot wait!

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