Gettin’ Fancy

Sleepy ponies ^.^

These boys are absolutely loving the new barn just as much as I am. I have never seen Brantley lay down in close quarters with another horse like this… ever. I don’t think I’ve even seen him lay down while in a paddock with another horse to be honest. Dylan has really become a strong part of our little family and now I’m just trying to find the time to run and sign the paperwork to make it official. Can I really afford another horse? Not really. But can I send him back? Absolutely not. Hoping for a lease possibility in the near future if he keeps progressing like he has.

We actually went out for a hack today after some flat work and jumped a thing and he cantered off like a gentleman. Our left lead is still sticky/non-existent but his right lead is beautiful and his transition into it from the trot has been a lot quieter. I’m so impressed with him and how far he has come in such a short period of time. The Elisa Wallace clinic is this weekend and although I had originally signed up to ride Brantley, I think Dylan is going to handle it quite well. I was hoping to find someone to take my place but this late in the game it’s proven difficult. Especially since we’ll be doing stadium instead of cross-country due to the weather on the second day. He has a great mind and an awesome work ethic as long as we change it up so I think he’ll handle it well and plus, if he starts to tell me he’s done I have no problem stepping off to the side and auditing the rest of our group.

Brantley is doing really well coming back into work. The footing is great in all three of the arenas plus trail loop which is awesome because that means he can stay barefoot longer while we work on our flatwork. I know he’s dying to get out for an adventure though with W and Elijah though. I know I am!

The plan was to take the horses to a local group ride today but E is out of commission so we decided to skip it which worked out well because JB and I took JB-Jr rock climbing with Meep (my “little” brother). We had an absolute blast. JB-Jr is a natural and by the end of our session, was giving Meep tips about bouldering… Meep is the one climbing in the picture above by the way.

JB conquering his fears head on!

I got to climb a few times but my body is still getting used to cleaning 20+ stalls on the weekends again but I didn’t mind the view from the mat that’s for sure ^.^

Things are really slow at work right now but I finally left my unneccesary side-job to focus more on getting my business back under control as well as working at the barn. And of course… the wedding. Just booked my dress-fitting and I am surely terrified. It’ll be fine though. At the end of the day, it always is!

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