Elisa Wallace and a Cross-Rail

I’m still in awe of how amazing this little horse was last weekend. I was sick as a dog (finally just getting out of it) and did not ride my best but that’s what clinics are for right?

The first day of the clinic has always been flat so I planned on giving him a chance to test the waters of his first outing. If he kept it together and I felt like he could mentally handle day two, we’d follow through but skip it if not. We had it in our minds that we would be doing stadium instead of cross-country the second day anyway so either way it was a win if day one went well!

Then she put up the cross-rails and I said well… let’s do this.

Dylan was a complete and total rock star. He didn’t question anything I asked. The one time he did check out it was only for a moment. He had a mini tantrum right before our last little line (it was a good reminder that I could still actually ride) but then after a moment and a good scratch, he finished out like a pro. I was so proud and ready for the next day.

… Until they said, “Don’t forget your vests tomorrow.” 😳😱🤯😩

Once again… this Pickle Chip showed everyone that he had way more to offer than they thought. I was so sick I couldn’t even get out the happy tears until the ride home after I called my Dad. He thought this whole time I had brought B until I sent him a picture of Dylan and studly and pro-fresh looking.

We even tried our hand at a little coop going downhill which we know is my downfall but when someone says “Jump that.” I say “Okay!” I was not ready for what happened nor did I give him and sort of confidence building approach but as my body told him “No” … He replied with, “But I think you mean this so hold on.” We stuck to logs after that! For both of our brains.

I can’t say enough about how proud I am of this dude and I am so thankful to have AP there to cheer us on. Her and her little mare completely owned the course in her group and even dabbled in jumping ditches bridleless. 🥰 We learned a lot as we always do and came away with goals and tools to reach them. Things I can use for both of the boys as well as a new confidence in myself. I can’t wait to ride with her again! If you ever have the opportunity, take it.

Brantley of course treated both Dylan and I like we completely betrayed him. He ignored me and chased Dylan around the paddock angrily after I dropped him back off both days. I tacked him up finally and we went out for a ride in the jump arena. He rooted and didn’t want to listen to any of my cues and kept pulling me around like a jerk so I dropped the reins and said “Fine!” and just let him plot around the arena thinking the worst thing he would do was leave and go to the trail head (there’s no arena fence). Wrong… he turned and perked his ears at a tiny cross-rail. As he quietly trotted towards it I sunk my heels down and decided it was time and without picking up my reins we popped over it.

He cantered off softly and happy as a clam and I asked him to put in a few more minutes of good flatwork which he obliged and we ended it with one more little cross-rail. I think it’s time to start introducing him back to it slowly so we’re getting on the plan of once a week, 2-4 little cross-rails at the end of a good flat work session ♡ I’ve gotten so lucky with both of these horses and just goes to show you get what you put in and I’ll keep doing my best to make them both the best ponies they can be.

10 thoughts on “Elisa Wallace and a Cross-Rail”

    1. I really really enjoy riding with her. This is my third year and sad I couldn’t show off how great B had been going before his injury but so happy to have had the chance to ride Dylan this year. You should absolutely ride with her. I think you guys would have a blast! Sometimes she tries to come back in fall. We’ll see!

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