Mid-Week Check In

It’s been announced that all gatherings over the summer of 50 people or more have been canceled. This includes all outdoor festivals, parades, and summer concert series. It’s sad this is how things are going right now and I feel for those who make their living mainly during these events. I’m questioning now what’s going to happen with gigs especially because we were packing venues with no less than 100 people at a time.

Summer Concert Series 2019

I can’t imagine not being able to do this over the summer with these guys. It was a shot in the dark I took that has completely changed my life and I miss it like crazy…

📸 Eric Johnson – AOK Photography

I’m feeling positive about the season though because even if horse trials continue to be canceled through the summer, you can never be too prepared for next year. Trail riding is “free” and good for the soul, especially with the riding buddies I have.

There’s a bit of a guilt factor with the fact I’m getting this view on a regular basis when a lot of my fellow equestrians are not. Whether it’s because of lockdown or by personal choice, I can absolutely see the pros of either decision. Every time we swing our leg over we take a chance even with the best of horses. I personally choose to keep riding through this under as much of a controlled environment as I can. But those who choose not to in support of their local health care systems, I commend you for sure.

Keeping the boys in work has been a gift for my mental health and stability as well as theirs on top of fitness. I’m the first one to jump up and throw my hands in the air screaming, “Ground work is the best work!” which I stand behind for sure. But with two horses that quickly digress without being ridden? I feel like for my own health and safety, it’s better that I stay in the saddle as long as I can.

That’s all I’ve got for you so far this week! Hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying their time at home with their family. We’re all getting a little stir crazy but we’ll survive this… Together ❤

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