The Suuuuuunnnn

I cannot believe how the weather turned around this weekend. Absolute insanity right? And! We’re supposed to have it through out the week with just a touch of rain to moisten the outdoor a bit. Yes… I said moistenMMOOOIIIISSSSSTTTT

Dylan has really been proving that mileage and opportunity is the answer. And patience. He feels less green all the time and I am just so impressed with him. We’ve had a few moments where he’ll regress but having the mindset that my only goal is to make him as prepared for life as I can has been key. I am no way in a rush.

I’m still learning how this Equisense program works but it’s been amazing being able to track how long I spend in each direction and gait. I think this has really helped develop his balance and overall left lead. Picking it up off my aids is still hit or miss but he’s getting it! And will always nail it over a jump. After our session today we took a spin on the trail down to the water complex (which was filled to the brim by the stream that flows through) and went for a little swim with a friend. He was in heaven!

I am so happy the sun is out and it’s too warm for a vest or jacket, but carrying my phone is a little difficult so if you could pass along your favorite riding tights with a thigh pocket I would truly appreciate it.

The B-man is looking better than ever and ready for an adventure… or a million. Throw in a few jumps and he’s more than happy to oblige. We’ve been mainly working on his flat work and dressage skills but I set up a little cross-rail Thursday night and I think I woke up the beast a bit.

I know my “canter” poles aren’t quite right but when you have a pony that doesn’t think and just rushes into battle, it helps to make them sit back a bit. Or at least in our case it works… most of the time.

Dylan was feeling quite springy Thursday night too and thanks to pony friends, I have proof! Pony friends are the best friends.

The key is to set up the camera BEFORE I get Brantley going because once he’s in work mode, standing still to set it up is tough aaaannnddd I’m too lazy to get off and get back on. I’ll try harder though because he’s looking pretty exceptional. Me? I’ll catch up.

Sending our love to you! Stay safe out there kids!

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