Cold Snap ❄

First Covid-19, then Murder Hornets, and then a massive cold snap and possible snow storm? Okay 2020, take it easy. Luckily we only got some slight flurries on Saturday but the 30° windchill and what felt like 50mph gusts, it was pretty awful. Especially since we were coming down quick from almost 70° gorgeous sunny days.

#sunsoutgunsout #idgaf

One of the 3-year-olds decided although it was winter again, she still wanted to be naked so somehow removed her blanket. I have to mention that this said blanket also had a neck attached. We’re still scratching our heads figuring out how she did it.

Bonnet by F.U.N Bonnets

We got to enjoy the week with some light flat work outside. Because of the higher temps (which I’m thankful for) the outdoors are a little more solid and a little less forgiving to a barefoot Brantley. He’s been doing so well without shoes since his injury that I’ve just gone with it. We still have our Equine Jogging Shoes which we haven’t had much use out of so it was nice to pull them out. There was a huge difference in his movement on the flat and we even retested them over a little vertical which he was more than happy to go over. Maybe we’ll stay barefoot a bit longer!

There were a couple of schooling horse trials posted over this past week. A lot of them are hopeful they’ll be able to run and even offered to hold payment until they’re sure. The ones I am interested in signing up for are both at the end of June so I figured, why not be ready either way? It would be nice to get back on track with a goal especially for Brantley.

With this in mind I finally booked a lesson with the BM. You’d think I would’ve taken more advantage over the last year of being at Laurinwood but of course not. It’s that mindset that I don’t want to bother people or take up their time and I really need to get over it… #mindsetgoals

Luckily the girl who has her horse stalled by my boys (Officially now the Baker Boys) is going to lesson with E more often so it’s pushing me to sneak in after her. It’s really nice to have a support group where you ride that’s for sure.

Thanks AH for the video of our warm up!

There is a huge benefit to working with trainers and taking regular lessons. You can’t deny that. I’ve always been very coachable in everything that I do but I don’t tend to ask questions along the way, I just do. Today I told myself, “Speak up, ask questions, make analogies, do the brain work.” Let’s just say there was a huge breakthrough and I’m feeling really good about it.

We ran through our dressage test at the end and what a difference! He didn’t try to break into the canter once during our trot movements and even the downward transitions were dead on 🙌🙌🙌. Proud momma moment! Let’s just say I’m already looking forward to next weekend.

I had enough time after our lesson to hop on the #SpaceCadet 🚀 I tried to switch his bit out the other day and it was just tragic. That’ll teach me not to “mess with a good thing” for sure. I gave him a couple days to reset and I’m glad I did.

Two perfect ponies in one day? I couldn’t ask for anything more. I need to get some video of those left lead transitions and how far along our brakes are coming. I’ve really been focusing on asking them both to come down from the canter straight to the walk. They both have a tendency (which means it’s obviously me) to want to go straight back to a canter when we’re doing a C-T transition… and then sh*t just gets messy. You gotta do what you gotta do right?

The “Stay-at-Home” order has been lifted… but still no gatherings over 5… lucky for me, that’s for people.

Being able to work more and more has really kept me in line but like most people, I’m really starting to feel it now. Just the frustration and fear of not knowing what’s next or what the world is going to be like after… #quarantinelife is all about faking it till you make it. As long as my friends and family stay healthy, we’ll be fine.

Keep your head up out there, we love you 😍

5 thoughts on “Cold Snap ❄”

  1. So glad you got to lesson and the boys were so good! I’m seriously looking into starting back up with riding with a trainer once we get out to CA…help get both our butts (well, more mine) back in shape 🙂

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