Out of the Dark

Everything my brain has put my body through over the last few weeks seems so small now in comparison to what the world is dealing with.

Finding the words to write and say my piece is proving more difficult than I had assumed. Especially when you’re trying to sound more knowledgeable and up to date with a deeper look into the current events… but I’ll be completely honest with you reading, I’ve lost track of all the bullshit. I read the posts and watch the news clips but it just makes me want to throw my hands up and hide in the barn.

But we can’t.

We have to stand and walk together and do what we can for each other.

It really makes you think about the important things in your life that maybe you’ve taken for granted. Or the people you overlook as your day goes by. Moments you let slip… Hold onto more of those.

Maybe another day I will dive into the beautiful mess that is my brain for you… It’s not all dark, or doom and gloom in there. Sometimes I can’t even tell you what colors there are because there are so many at once.

For now I’ll drop some adorable pictures that hopefully bring a light into what’s happening around us while I think of better words to say.

Dylan had his first gallop around the XC area that surrounds our arena. He landed both leads without a hitch or hesitation and definitely a proud momma. Today we threw a cross-rail, a vertical with a flower box, and a gate in the mix… with the occasional bending line. Complete superstar with everything I had asked.

Yesterday he also gave a special little boy a pony ride around the indoor. They were a perfect match in every way. How lucky am I!

Never thought this is what my life would have looked like and I’ll never look back. I think that’s why getting out from underneath those dark clouds gets easier, or at least the path out has a light at the end of it saying, “Come this way!”

And now we’ve got our first competition down in the calendar and I am loving this “goal-setting” mindset I have right now. I have a plan, I have a schedule, and we’re going to do this.

Moments my friends. Live for them and the people in them… #youvegotthis

All our love to you out there ❤ Remember why you’re here. We love you.

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