A Quiet Christmas

Stella in all her winter glory

Finally a bit of snow to get excited about! It almost lasted until Christmas but at least I got a good fix before the warm weather came back. I’m that weird horse girl where yeah, ice and snow at the barn can be a complete pain in the butt but honestly, I love it. I love the cold. I love to be all bundled up. I love to see my breath in the air as the sun is coming up after dumping grain in a chilly barn. Putting that cozy jacket back on over your base layer and vest after a good ride. Now that is my cup of tea. We all have our things right?

I finally threw a leg over after the snowfall because there was no way I was going to miss out on a snow ride. B was a little overly excited about it and we came to a crossroads where walking off the moment of panic wasn’t an option and I had to hike back on foot. If you haven’t been following along or you’re not part of the “OG” as they say, Brantley will occasionally have these moments where he’ll all of a sudden get really tight and anxious about something and I give him an option of taking a moment to breathe so we can continue or for me to hop off and walk it off before he pops.

You can blame it on training or tell me to call a vet but it’s just part of us and what we do. Today was a day to walk it off. Luckily, even though I was in my ranch tack, I had popped on my super amazing Ariat Bromont Tall Boots – I don’t have to newest version but I don’t think I’ve ever worn a more comfortable boot. Waterproof, warm, sleek, well-fitting. Who could ask for anything else? And no, I’m definitely not getting paid to say that. I honestly will wear my Bromonts at the hint of fall into the Spring, in western tack or english. So when I had to trudge back to the barn through almost two feet of snow while my horse pulled himself back together? I wasn’t worried one bit. I think my feet were more dry after wearing those babies than my mucks which I need to replace.

Using mine as ice breakers this frozen season have done them in but a shout out to Noble Equestrian and their Perfect Fit Cold Weather High Boots. These are on my list of things to buy before the winter is out. I think they’re actually offering a free gift with a purchase on their website. I went to pick up a pair at Dover Saddlery but obviously, it was right before Christmas and they were sold out in my size. The one thing normal about me is that 7.5 foot!

With the rise in numbers of the dreaded Coronavirus or Covid-19, whatever you prefer, Thanksgiving with family had been canceled. Luckily I’m not that useless in the kitchen as I thought and was able to put together a spread to be proud of for me and JB. He nailed it with the deviled eggs which we devoured waiting for everything else to be done. Although I really enjoyed one on one time with him at home for the first time (and I didn’t even have to work), I did really miss both my families and his. We played it safe for Christmas too but were able to see some family after negative Covid test results were received. What a gift to end the year with! And this was the first in 20 years that I didn’t have to feed horses let alone leave the house for work at all! I definitely had some withdrawals yet and I’m so ready to get back on schedule.

So just to make getting back on schedule a little more difficult. Meet Buckley. And no he’s not just another overnight, he’s here to stay. We picked him up this passed Sunday and he’s quickly stealing everyone’s hearts in person and on the internet. Honestly, is it a little soon for a puppy? Sure. I mean is there ever a perfect time to scoop up a ball of wrinkles? No way. But all of the planets aligned and I got a call that this little one was available for the taking. The cat is still pretty unsure as well as June, but Chevy (although reluctant at first) has been stepping in as mentor which my plan all along. Who better to whip this little boy into shape?

Hoping this is a great start to 2021, at least a positive one. There are things on the horizon and I’m trying to hustle my way back into the work force. That’s a whole other story though for another day.

I’d love to read and hear about your goals for the upcoming year! Send me links, messages, tips and tricks for bringing two wild beasts back into work after a few months off. Here’s to surviving the last two days of an epically… odd year.

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