Bombs Away

Something a horse person never really wants to pick up from CVS… That and epsom salts. It’s just a sign of lots of swearing to come as well as being splashed in the face with a used-to-be warm betadine/water solution. Throw some icthammol ointment in there and you’ve got yourself a party for sure.

Unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough for this to be an abscess although when I first saw what was making my horse stand three-legged, I wish it was. Instead, I picked up his foot to find a 2″ finishing nail he picked up from god knows where, angled right into the side of his frog.

I tested to see how stuck it was and it slid out of his hoof like butter. Relief… but the lower leg swelling… not so much relief. And 45 minutes until my Sunday shift at the animal hospital was supposed to start… 40 minutes away. I gave him a minute to see if maybe it was just bent enough to miss anything important, he was after all overdue for a trim. But then there was a blood spot.

Nope. Cue the supervisor calls and texts, “Not coming in today!”

$200 later between two Tractor Supply and CVS locations, a quick trip to grab those pesky SMZs you always have unless you need them, the boy was soaked, booted up, and medicated. Not taking any chances on that crap. We’ve got plans boy, and you don’t fair well laid up.

Part of me thinks he found it on purpose because he missed me and just wanted me to have a stress free day off at the barn… *eye roll*

The stars aligned though and the farrier happened to be due to come out Monday morning at 7am. With a cut and a trim we found… nothing. No hole, no drainage, not even a sign of soreness while he went to work. Just a swollen lower limb and a needy pony.

It’s Tuesday now… and pouring. He’s got his super bad ass Equine Jogging Shoes on keeping his toes safe and happy. No more swelling and feeling good enough to run off his brother from the hay nets we love so much. Thank you Hay Chix!

Moral of the story is, don’t panic until you need to because sometimes it won’t be necessary. And also, get yourself a job (or two… three in my case) that understands that your horses are what make you and why you’re there in the first place. A place that doesn’t second guess your needs over their own.

Happy employees make happy customers whether you work at a desk or you wear scrubs and snuggle angry kittens.

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