Stall Rest Continues…

There's a feeling of accomplishment when all the barn chores are done and the sun hasn't even made its way to our side of the world yet. Especially when you're at a DIY barn and you're out of there before the rest of the boarders show up. Just you and the horses. Dylan's morning lameness… Continue reading Stall Rest Continues…

Pet Sitting, Pony Shenanigans


Promising yourself that you're going to do something at least once a week is always harder than you would think. But here we are, a blog post by Tuesday night. I might even finish up before this migraine really starts to roll in. The weather has been prime for ponies this week and while one… Continue reading Tuesdays

Pony Shenanigans

Another Year

How did we get here? Thinking again that it's almost been a whole year since my last post and so much has happened. Okay, that's a lie. Nothing really has happened any differently. A quiet year with a few hunter paces in between. Long days and inner battles, but we may finally be on the… Continue reading Another Year