Pet Sitting, Pony Shenanigans


Promising yourself that you’re going to do something at least once a week is always harder than you would think. But here we are, a blog post by Tuesday night. I might even finish up before this migraine really starts to roll in.

The weather has been prime for ponies this week and while one horse is still “enjoying” his holiday due to lameness, the other is happy to be back to work. There are so many opinions on lunging and the use of lunging tools, but I find that it helps Brantley find focus and think “work”. I try and change it up as much as I can between lunging in a halter, side reins, Vienna reins, free-lunging, round pen work, in-hand work. Never on the same circle and never a chance for that “donut glaze” look. Ground work is good work.

He always has the best attitude when it comes to in-hand work and that’s where I find most of my confidence these days. Softening. Bending. Yielding. All without saying a word. Hoping to find that in the saddle again this year after my horse-sense has been on a bit of hiatus for longer than it should have been.

He’s had the last couple of days off after three good days of work but I’m looking forward to swinging a leg over this weekend. We’re definitely not in a rush that’s for sure.

The mystery of Dylan continues. Lame going out, mostly sound coming in. Great attitude about life and enjoying his continued holiday and being a carefree, naked pony. I really hope to do some grown-up horse things this year with him if we can get that right hind straightened out. Update went out to the vet this afternoon so we’ll see what they come back with tomorrow. At this point I’m just considering letting him go completely feral until Spring shots come around.

We’ve got a full house this week with pet-sitting puppies but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t think I could ever get away from this as long as they keep calling to come back. The backyard is in need of a major clean up though that’s for sure. Until next time…

Ever up and onward.

Billy Strayhorn

3 thoughts on “Tuesdays”

  1. This post really hit home for me. I’m also in the process of trying to incorporate more lunging into my horse’s routine and it’s definitely not easy. I love the idea of switching up the tools and not allowing for those donut glazes. I’m hoping to find the same confidence in the saddle as I do in in-hand work too!

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    1. Lunging gets such a bad rap and it’s true, too much of something isn’t always a good thing. But adding some “fluff” in between your rides keeps things interesting and your horse’s toolbox full.


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