Ride Time

Really starting to feel those "cloud 9" vibes again as I curl up with the pups with some mac 'n cheese and a Caramel Chocolate Cold Brew hubby scooped up for me on the way home. It's almost 9pm, don't judge me. I think I've been in the saddle 4 more times since my last… Continue reading Ride Time


I did the thing…

I finally did it. I finally got to ride my horse last night. We just cruised around walk, trot, canter with the only intension of sitting there and enjoying it. I know he had three months off but I thought, "Why are you so stiff..." Oh wait... It's me, I'm the problem. This horse mirrors… Continue reading I did the thing…


Ok. It’s Wednesday. 🐫

I really have been trying to work on getting those Tuesday night posts up. I missed my Friday night "writing prompt" post this past week too but in my defense, that hasn't completely locked in just yet. Plus I was exhausted and mega cranky so it would have had a very negative spin. My excuse… Continue reading Ok. It’s Wednesday. 🐫


Another Week

That blinking cursor gets me every time. Especially when there hasn't been any changes or exciting adventures to be had just yet. But I made myself a promise and it's Tuesday night so here we are. Another week has gone by and I'm just itching to ride. We got hit with a slight cold snap… Continue reading Another Week

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A Writing Prompt / Pt. 1

Describe the last difficult "goodbye" you said. Everyone says that saying "goodbye" is never easy. But I've never known it to be a permanent thing, even in death. Is it sad? Devastating even? Absolutely. But as time goes on you learn that in death and tragedy, amazing things could follow. I've been lucky enough not… Continue reading A Writing Prompt / Pt. 1


Day Late, A Few Dollars Short

I knew I was forgetting to do something last night as I stuffed a giant burrito into my mouth around 8:45 last night. Most definitely paying for that today. But I have news!! Great news!! Exciting news!! The boys and I have been selected as Brand Ambassadors for some of our favorite products. If you… Continue reading Day Late, A Few Dollars Short