Another Week

That blinking cursor gets me every time. Especially when there hasn’t been any changes or exciting adventures to be had just yet.

But I made myself a promise and it’s Tuesday night so here we are.

Another week has gone by and I’m just itching to ride. We got hit with a slight cold snap this week but the rainy Friday looks like it’ll be sunshine instead. I will have a few days off from pet-sitting to recoup before next week and I’ve already made it known I will be spending much of my “free” time at the barn.

I keep trying to remind myself that a holiday is good for both parties and normally I don’t get to start riding regularly again until the end of March as it is. I haven’t fallen behind and i think the only reason I feel that way is because I allowed the outside opinions of others to leech onto whatever I had.

But that’s changing as I make this promise to myself.

Horses get me to where I need to be every time. They make my soul feel full and it’s a love I could never be without. I want to be that horseman again and to have the passion that I’ve stored away in a box on the shelf collecting dust these last couple of years.

How could someone with all this love for horses so easily pack it away is a great question. It wasn’t easy and certainly not something I wanted to do. I didn’t know it then, but now I know it’s because I needed to protect that piece of me as long as I could.

Buckle up buttercup. I’m ready to rock ‘n roll.

Perhaps the Earth can teach us as when everything seems dead and later proves to be alive.

Pablo Neruda

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