Ok. It’s Wednesday. 🐫

I really have been trying to work on getting those Tuesday night posts up. I missed my Friday night “writing prompt” post this past week too but in my defense, that hasn’t completely locked in just yet. Plus I was exhausted and mega cranky so it would have had a very negative spin.

My excuse last night was a long day sitting at my desk staring at my computer with a pinched nerve and normally, I sit up in bed to type but my neck just could not handle it. There’s not enough heating pads or Bio-Freeze in the world to help right now and I know as soon as I order a Back on Track neck/shoulder wrap (for a person), it will go away. Maybe I should just place one in my cart anyway.

All I know is staring at a computer screen or my phone does not help but here I am.

I am happy to say that while Dylan stared from his stall window, Brantley and I were able to get a couple good days of work done. If we can have few good days of mental work in the book this week, then hopefully I will be back in the saddle by the weekend. I can’t wait.

I don’t know what open door this massive quarter horse body snuck in through, but I’m not sad about it. 24/7 turnout with Buckeye in his dish and as much hay as I can afford on the ground has done his body good. I think him being happier all around and the time off has definitely helped too. I’m excited to see how he builds muscle over the next few months being back in work.

We were able to get in a good long-lining session Sunday night which we haven’t done in a while. After a little warm-up, I clipped the lines through his stirrups onto the bridle, and slipped a line around his bum. He gave me a worried look but you could see it click, “Oh yes… I like this.” He went right to work and although definitely rusty, it was a great session.

It’s nice to feel more and more of our connection dusting off every day. It’s like he knows that I’m feeling better and more myself. Every time I bring him out to brush him I always find myself thanking him for his patience and for waiting for me for song long. I’m so thankful.

Dylan is back on bute twice a day this week with his Back on Track pajamas overnight, but still stall bound. He is feeling fresh though and we most definitely will have some work to do when he’s ready. And that’s just in ground manners. You can see his neurons almost pinging through his body but at least he’s in good spirits and not aggravated. I’m still a bit worried about ulcers brewing in that tubby belly of his.

Weight gain is also a stressor for me. He was pudgy to begin with due to lack of work but being stall bound and stuffed with hay has not done him any favors either. He’s on three-quarters of a pound of ration balancer twice a day and as much hay as he can get to stop him from eating the stall and keep his gut moving.

Slow feed net? Sure… If he hadn’t figured out how to pull them down. Back to the drawing board there.

Farrier is coming for a trim Saturday and the Vet is coming Monday for Spring shots and a Dylan-recheck so we’ll see what my TUESDAY post will bring.

Maybe a riding picture… Until then…

Would whoever has my voodoo doll give it a rest now.


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