Madeline C.

Soon-to-be-30 and I feel like I am just starting my life as an equestrian.

It all started when we moved in next door to a beat down backyard barn and they let me sweep the aisle way. I was crazed and high strung with a prescription for medication that I never took. The more time I spent around the horses, the more my life started to make sense. I went from sweeping to feeding the pony her denji to cleaning paddocks and then finally working off lessons.

I constantly connected with the misfits and after the BM who took me under her wing talked my parents into looking at a horse for me… I ended up taking home an OTTB for $600 at the age of 14. Something I had really no business of doing but hey, he was mine.

We were together until my 23rd birthday. He taught me not just how to sit a buck but how determination is the key to just about everything… As well as worked. I worked 4-5 jobs all through high school and through earning my BA in Psychology which I totally use every day.

Thinking that my world had ended after losing LB, I never thought I would ever feel a connection with a horse like that again. I had just about given up and prepared to sell everything until I got a text, “Free horse”. Brantley came home with me that night. Broken. Trust issues. Complete fear of everything… Sounded just like me.

Who knew it would be an absolute perfect match!

And now we’re eventing while I’m trying to run a pet-sitting business on my own.

Hang on folks… This should be interesting.