Hello Blog-land

This is my third round trying to write this entry. I really have no way to start or idea about what to write about because we haven't really been doing much. I gave Brantley a week off after the hunter pace which may have not been the best idea but, we both needed it. We… Continue reading Hello Blog-land


It’s August

Surprisingly I'm surviving August pretty well... where every day in August is a Thursday. I got through week one okay but couldn't wait until the horse trial at Orchard Hill. I focused on giving Brantley enough arena time and trail time to get set. We had a really great gallop session and then worked on… Continue reading It’s August

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After the trial last weekend we definitely took it easy the following week. I went out for a couple great trail rides with the pup in tow and for once Brantley seemed completely content just standing and talking to strangers for a bit which is new. Usually he'll dance around wanting to keep walking but… Continue reading Downtime

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Another One Down!

Will I ever get tired of this? Especially now that we brought home a little satin this time? Yay for schooling shows and super awesome judges right? It's the white breeches. I think they're my new lucky breeches. Or the snazzy C4 belt, I can't really decide. All I know is that Brantley was an… Continue reading Another One Down!