The Suspense…

It's a good day. Just a few years ago today I tacked him up for my first ride. My first real ride... Rope halter and a lead rope. The first time I felt like we were really a team and everything I had worked towards on the ground finally paid off. ย What a lot of… Continue reading The Suspense…


Lessons & Trail Rides

- Man oh man is he handsome - Brantley and I have our first Hunter Pace of the season this weekend and like the rest of the... month... it's supposed to pour. Derp ... But I'm super excited! It'll be nice to get back in the woods with Wendy and Elijah, that's for sure. Saturday… Continue reading Lessons & Trail Rides

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Oh hey guys. I'd like to apologize for my oddness of my last two posts and ridiculous picture size. I'm still getting used to the WordPress app on my phone because I was computer-less for a few days. Sunday was the Blessing of the Horses with a 10-mile ride. The BO and our friend Candance… Continue reading Memberships?

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Still A Little High

I'm still a little high from Sunday... ridiculous I know. But can you blame me? Look at my boy... he's so happy and ready to get sh*t done. We haven't been doing too much this week. Monday came around and the farrier showed up. I guess I forgot an appointment that we made last week?… Continue reading Still A Little High

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AKF 3-Phase : 4.23.17

So here's my horse being a BAMF in the warm up ring before our Stadium round... Yup... The unrideable horse over-jumping what is supposed to be a 2' vertical but honestly, I didn't get down to measure. I was definitely nervous. I had never done anything like this before and our issue of the year… Continue reading AKF 3-Phase : 4.23.17