Ride Time

Really starting to feel those "cloud 9" vibes again as I curl up with the pups with some mac 'n cheese and a Caramel Chocolate Cold Brew hubby scooped up for me on the way home. It's almost 9pm, don't judge me. I think I've been in the saddle 4 more times since my last… Continue reading Ride Time


Another Week

That blinking cursor gets me every time. Especially when there hasn't been any changes or exciting adventures to be had just yet. But I made myself a promise and it's Tuesday night so here we are. Another week has gone by and I'm just itching to ride. We got hit with a slight cold snap… Continue reading Another Week

Pony Shenanigans

Another Year

How did we get here? Thinking again that it's almost been a whole year since my last post and so much has happened. Okay, that's a lie. Nothing really has happened any differently. A quiet year with a few hunter paces in between. Long days and inner battles, but we may finally be on the… Continue reading Another Year


Let The Year Begin

Sometimes you order something soft and adorable off Amazon trusting that the description is real because you know, it's not like you're blindly ordering off of Wish. You trust that it was made for you since it says "women's" even though you find out it definitely fits your dog better than it fits you... and… Continue reading Let The Year Begin