We’re Alive!

What is this…

Is this…

A blog post?

It is! It is a blog post! Holy crap! Who knew I could still do this? It’s been way too long and we miss you guys 💖 It’s been an absolutely crazy year but I am a married woman and a home owner and living the barn life as much as I can.

📸 Irena Mandel Photography

My wedding was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day weather wise and we had pizza so it was a win all around. Plus I had the best group of girls by my side!

📸 Irena Mandel Photography

The boys have been doing great and although we’re playing it safe with this whole Covid-19 mess, we’re getting some work done. I feel very lucky to work where I board so keeping them moving is a gift.

📸 Michaela Elizabeth Photography

We were able to ride in two clinics so far this year both with JH Eventing. The first was a pole work clinic I brought B too and he definitely proved to be ready to get back to work. Dylan also was able to put on a bit of a show with the gridwork clinic we attended and well… he was a bit of a #spacecadet 🚀

We’re keeping our heads up during this time and keeping our goal list open to see how things turn out. Being a pet-sitter right now is a poor career choice and I’m pretty much out of work. There is a silver-lining of course… I can’t explain how amazing it is to be home every night. No overnights means more family time and there are no complaints there.

I’m actually starting to feel a sense of balance and security even though it feels like the world is completely falling a part around us. Of course there’s worry about the health of my friends and family and I’m not running around thinking we’re immune, but I feel lighter living moment by moment. I’ve been able to focus my energy towards the things and the people I love. Plus, our house is looking like a home more and more every day. It’s nice to finally feel safe.

I’ll leave you with that and this picture of the B-man looking oh so fine. A mis of Buckeye Nutrition and Sports Horse Essentials look good on him for sure. So does life at Laurinwood 💖 I hope everyone out there is healthy and keeping it together! Reach out for anything please. We love you 😍

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