Stall Rest Continues…

There’s a feeling of accomplishment when all the barn chores are done and the sun hasn’t even made its way to our side of the world yet. Especially when you’re at a DIY barn and you’re out of there before the rest of the boarders show up. Just you and the horses.

Dylan’s morning lameness and evening soundness finally turned into all around lameness, so we are back on stall rest and he is not happy this go around. He spends the day just looking out his window towards his old field and friends. Wishing. Hoping. Dreaming.

He is although enjoying the two-a-day grooming sessions and hand walks around the arena. Yes… I let him roll on the line. Mainly in hopes that he might scrub off some of those urine stains in the sand. No such luck. He has bedding and even potties on one side of the stall, leaving the other side fluffy and clean. Obviously the pee spot is the best place to sleep though. Taking suggestions other than blanketing and clipping… But I’m thinking about it.

Unlike last time, he started to get really stocked up on his right hind (injury leg) and even up in his sheath. A few doses of banamine helped with the swelling and there’s no sign of fever or other ailments so hopefully that was it.

If you haven’t purchased a pair or full set of Back on Track Quick Wraps… you have to. Lifesavers every time I swear.

He’s so lucky he’s cute, that’s for sure. He’s feeling fresh and although he’s keeping all “four on the floor” during our walks, the nippy baby horse has come out and he nabbed my boob yesterday. I’m glad he’s not feeling dead inside like I would be all cooped up with no where to go.

The first hunter pace of the season is up on the calendar and we have some major work to do… and saddle shopping. Keep an eye out for a massive tack sale in the near future! I’m excited to have something to aim for and with the extra work I’ve been getting done on the side, weekly lessons may be in our near future. Now just to get back on my horse.

The longer it takes for me to ride, the harder it is to get back on. I hope it’s not just me.

Until next time…

You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.”

Sammy Davis, Jr.

2 thoughts on “Stall Rest Continues…”

  1. Not just you ❤️ Every time I take a break I feel that way. Having a consistent schedule makes it easy to continue, but consistently not riding makes it very easy to…not. You’ve got this! Sending healing vibes to Dylan and sane ones to B in prep for your hunter pace!

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